Simple, Healthy Recipes for Children’s Happy Meals

SAM_2333SAM_2328All moms want nutritious food and snacks for their kids, but the problem is that most kids don’t like veggies and non-sweet meat dishes.  They always look for the same food like spaghetti, fried chicken, french fries,, hamburgers—fast food meals or fatty foods that have little nutritional value or worse, scraps.  As concerned moms, we can’t let this kind of meals dominate our children’s daily food intake.  We have to find ways to make them like more nutritious meals that include veggies, fruits and less sugars and fats.  A new recipe book for children’s meals was  put together by authors, Katrina Ripoll and Lara Sanders  to give parents ideas on simple to prepare healthy meals that kids would love.

Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids is a fun-looking, simple, straightforward recipe book that mom’s would enjoy looking at as well as get ideas on what to cook for their kids.  Nutrition is always the focus and preparation simplicity is presented in a 1-2-3 format.  Ingredients are easy to source and relatively inexpensive with tasty outcomes that will way exceed the expense and effort.

SAM_2332This book understands that most are career-driven, business, working moms who don’t have much time in their hands.  That shouldn’t be an excuse for moms to feed their kids unhealthily prepared meals.  Start with removing processed food from your grocery list such as hotdogs, corned beef, spam and other canned goods and opt for fresh vegetables and fruits instead.  White rice has lost most of its nutritional value and has become a fattening agent so opt for brown or red rice instead.  Keep junk food to a minimum so your child can get used to healthy eating habits.  Okay, so occasional ice cream, cake, chocolate treats shouldn’t be so bad once in a while.

Keep in mind happy children are healthy, smart kids.

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