Going Flipzoid with Miss Becca Godinez on July 17 to 19

image001Iconic Filipina pop singer of the late 70s and 80s, Becca Godinez returns to Manila for a Theater performance in Flipzoids. Those who have wondered about whatever happened to the gorgeous, bubbly, crush-ng-bayan singer who made famous the songs “Shining” and“Feelings” can now satisfy their curiosity. She has migrated to the US after living in Brazil with then husband Morris Albert for a year, worked up the corporate ladder, has a daughter who is about to get married soon, left the corporate arena to return to her theater roots. She auditioned for the role of “Aying” in Flipzoids, won the part and gained recognition for the play’s US success. And now she is in the Philippines. Okay, so maybe I mixed up the sequence of events but those are the highlights in a nutshell.

photoBecca Godinez is a seasoned singer, songwriter, director and actress. Her career has taken her through various musical avenues, from country to musical theatre and everything else in between. She was a student of classical voice, where she competed and won for her college its first classical voice trophy. She was a member of Repertory Philippines where she played numerous roles which included Tuptim in “The Kind and I”. Cast as the lead in Flipzoids, Becca was onstage at Los Angeles Theater Center for the entire month of October in 2012. As a result of that experience onstage, Becca has taken on the role of theatrical producer.

On July 17, 18, and 19, Becca will be producing Flipzoids at the Music Museum in Greenhills. She is bringing to the stage the original actors and director from the Los Angeles production.
Set on a beach in Southern California, “Flipzoids” is a funny and highly moving story about three Filipino immigrants in America navigating through the shifting landscape of home, desire, loneliness and belonging. The play examines what it means to be an outsider, to be Filipino and/or American, to be a hybrid.

Redford arrived in America from the Philippines as a child and spends his time in public restrooms in search of relationships to fill a void in his identity. Instead, he finds connection through a chance meeting with Aying, an older Filipina on a beach. It is through Aying that Redford discovers his culture.

Aying’s daughter, Vangie, is a nurse who holds all of American culture in a tight embrace and who diligently memorizes the dictionary to sound smarter – more American. She is in awe of the glamour of upscale shopping malls and wants so badly to blend in…to “melt into the soup,” in an attempt to forget about her past in the Philippines.

becca and meAying, Vangie’s mother, struggles with understanding a daughter to whom she has become an embarrassment. Aying refuses to relinquish any of the culture and tradition of their homeland. She is a story teller who clings to traditions and rituals, laughs heartily and cares deeply while imparting bits of wisdom through her folk tales. Aying is the link between Vangie and Redford and their shared cultural memory. Together, they search to understand their identity in their new American world.

Directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera, Artistic Director for Playwrights’ Arena in Hollywood, CA. This award-winning theatrical work is brought to life by a trio of outstanding performers:
Becca Godinez, Ellen D. Williams and Maxwel Corpuz

FLIPZOIDS received its world premiere on October 4, 1996 by Ma-Yi Theater Company, Ralph B. Peña, Artistic Director, Jorge Z. Ortoll, Executive Director.


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