Clean Teeth with Colgate’s Latest Innovation—Charcoal

Colgate Total Charcoal KVPress Release:

For good oral hygiene, we only need to remember four basic rules: brush and floss daily, eat a balanced diet with limited snacks, use fluoridated products, and visit the dentist regularly. And when it comes to a visibly healthy mouth, we all want the same thing: sparkling, pearly whites.

But now, Colgate Total is changing the teeth-cleaning landscape by going beyond the surface and deep between teeth with a bold, new ingredient:— charcoal.

Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean penetrates hard to reach places between teeth. This innovative toothpaste reduces bacteria build up by up to 90% 12 hours after you eat and drink.

Colgate Total Charcoal Carton PackMost commonly known as a bacterial filter for water and as a household remedy for upset stomachs, you can now benefit from the untapped cleaning potential of charcoal in a convenient toothpaste. Activated charcoal works because it has a large surface area that can absorb toxins on the surface of the teeth.

Experience a deep clean, all the way to places between your teeth, only with the new Colgate Total  Charcoal Deep Clean.Now available in leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide at SRP P126.20 for the 150g tube, and at SRP P87.05 for the 90g tube.


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