Beyond 24/7 online Banking and Winning Gadgets, BPI Already Won My Trust

SAM_3353SAM_3343Even before I was born , I was destined to be a  BPI or  Bank of the Philippine Islands  client.   That’s because BPI is the bank of my mother and grandmother, so chances are, my kids will be BPI clients as well.  Why do we stick to BPI despite other banks’ tempting offers of higher interest rates? The answer is summed up in one word—TRUST.  We have trusted BPI with our money and they have given us no reason to lose that trust.   Even more so when we explored other banks for our paychecks or tried their offers, most of them fall short of their promise or our expectations.  I even lost money over their atms on certain occasions.  But not to put them down, I just have more  confidence in BPI because of  the leadership and management.  That is my perception of  why they stand out for me.  In my opinion,  they continue to take care of us  through the years by hiring people who stand by their vision and live up to their culture.  Needless to say,  I am biased when it comes to BPI.  They have my total trust and confidence, so any additional promos or improvements is icing on the cake.

SAM_3358As times change and new technology enters, BPI won’t be left behind like a stuffy, old, stuck-up traditional institution but rather like a cool,  friendly, “in” bank who reaches out and tries to get to know clients personally.  Through their staff, facebook, and internet world among others, BPI joins the crowd and communicates with them in their language. And its latest offering is no exception, the  classy bank tries the “masa” route offering a “Get that Gadget” promo through its electronic channels, highlighting the ease, expedience and convenience of its innovative BPI 24/7 Banking.  And I mean that in a good way.—-the bank is evolving and being more accessible to its clients.  Another trust builder.  That is my experience as a long-time client of BPI.  Check out the video below to get an idea of the sincerity of their management and staff in trying to make life more convenient for its clients.

SAM_3350After the Facebook interaction launch, the BPI loans opportunity, the 24/7 banking option, now BPI offers an interesting proposition . . .  just by simply paying your bills you get a chance to win one of fifteen (15) Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4!

SAM_3349BPI 24/7 Banking’s electronic platforms- BPI Express Online, BPI Express Mobile, and BPI Express Phone make banking fast, easy, and accessible anytime and anywhere. Moreover, BPI 24/7 Banking guarantees that smartphone users can perform transactions in merely seconds through the BPI Express Mobile app. From September 1 to November 30, 2014, you can earn raffle entries by simply making qualified bills payment transactions.

SAM_3357Each month during the promo period, payments of at least Php 50.00 through BPI Express Online, BPI Express Mobile, or BPI Express Phone qualify you for the promo. Two (2) raffle entries will be awarded to the first qualified payment made for a bill (with a unique merchant reference/account number) during the promo period. Succeeding qualified payments will earn one raffle entry each (in the next calendar month).

“This is our way of rewarding our customers, both new and existing, for making time to take advantage of the technology that’s available at their fingertips.  We believe that through our BPI 24/7 Banking platforms, we make banking quick and easy so that our clients can spend more time to make the best happen for themselves and their families,” says Nabbie Alejo, Head of the Retail Segments and Channels Group.

For more details on how to win a new Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4, just log on to

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