Hello Kitty Graces the Covers of Lock&Lock Containers

SAM_3917SAM_3928Little girls will enjoy lunch time even more with the new Lock&Lock Hello Kitty collection.

Hello Kitty, the world’s most iconic cat-like character, brings a new, cute experience to lunch meals with its cuteness spread all over the Lock&Lock food containers and tumblers in the Philippines with this latest collection.

SAM_3927“Everyone around the world knows who Hello Kitty is and the character has had a strong following for many years. Now, we are integrating this brand into our high-quality food containers so that kids and kids at heart will be able keep their food in reliable containers while spreading joy and happiness characterized by this character,” shared Raphael Chua, President of Lock&Lock Philippines.

SAM_3910The Lock&Lock Hello Kitty Collection offers a wide variety of products that range from bento boxes, air-tight containers, and tumblers. All of these products are made of high quality materials, which make it durable and able to resist extreme heat and changes in temperature. They are 100 % airtight so the products completely lock in moisture, while retaining freshness of the child’s baon. In addition, the collection is Bisphenol A (BPA) and Phthalates free, ensuring that food is kept fresh and safe when being transported and consumed.

SAM_3923During the launch of the Lock&Lock Hello Kitty Collection, guests were able to view the different items from the collection which were displayed all over the East Atrium of EDSA Shangri-la. From bento boxes, water tumblers, and lunchboxes, the collection depicts the fun and playful characteristics of Hello Kitty while having the known durability and air-tight qualities of Lock&Lock products.

SAM_3947Aside from viewing the collection, guests were treated to a live demo where Ms. Aileen Lucero of Ecowaste Coalition gave tips on baon ideas and stressed the importance of bringing your own containers. Kids also get the chance to do fun activities in the East Atrium with free coloring, loom band making, and face painting activities.

SAM_3940“This new collection of Lock&Lock shows how the brand can offer fun and colourful containers and products while maintaining the level of quality it’s known for. Hopefully, with this latest collection, Moms and their daughters all over the country will find lunch time more convenient and enjoyable,” shared Mr. Chua.

About Lock and Lock

Since the introduction of plastic storage ware, there have been minimal changes in the fundamental design of the container products. There were two major problems with current plastic storage ware, imperfect sealing and difficulty in opening and closing lids. Researchers at Hanacobi (L&L Co., Ltd.) have recognized the problem and after intensive research and development, Lock & Lock was invented. With revolutionary four locking mechanism and a resilient silicon seal, food is kept fresh for longer without having to worry about any leakage. With storage saving design and Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, Lock &Lock is a convenient way to organize any kitchen.

Since its launch, Lock &Lock has acquired 1022 patents, trademarks and registration of design in 68 countries and is sold over 110 countries worldwide. Lock & Lock aims to continuously develop quality products that meet and exceed expectations of consumers.

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