Help Caritas Manila Help More, Buy and Give at Glorietta Expo Nov 28-30

PosterWhen it came to donating to Typhoon Yolanda, donors did not hesitate to course it through Caritas Manila.  It’s one of the few organizations that has earned total trust with the public.  Maybe people are just tired of being taken for a fool, they are looking for a hero, the good guy, a group that can give them hope at the very least.  For now, aside from the Philippine Red Cross, Caritas Manila is a name the public feels they can trust.

It’s not about being Catholic, it’s about being trustworthy and reliable.  Goods delivered fast. Goods delivered, period.   So let us support Caritas Manila as they continue their mission of helping the poor and victims of natural disasters.   When they sell something, you know the proceeds will mostly go to the poor and to the disadvantaged trying to make a living.  The rest go to operational expenses.  Given a little more than what’s indicated in the price tag. Let us support the good to keep them going.

The Social Entrepreneurship Program of Caritas Manila will hold the second-run of a Grand Expo dubbed “Buy and Give Expo 2”on November 28-30, 2014 at the Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive, Makati City.

Caritas Manila’s Social Entrepreneurship Program helps the livelihood of poor communities by encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and marketing their products. This program is providing skills and training to the urban poor communities and marginalized sector as well as honing them to become social entrepreneurs. Caritas Margins and Segunda Mana are two of the programs under Social Entreprise.

day2 (4)The first expo was held last year, November 29, 30 and December 1, 2013 at the TriNoma Mall in Quezon City.

Buy and Give Expo 2 will showcase products made by social entrepreneurs. It aims to raise funds to help sustain the social enterprise and other pro-poor programs of Caritas Manila.

day3 (4)The Expo will sell products which are 100% made by marginalized communities in Metro Manila and provinces, such as gift items, accessories and personal care products made by urban poor families. It will also offer artworks made by residents of the National Bilibid Prison and pre-loved items and inventories generously shared by the benefactors and corporate partners of Caritas Manila.

day1 (1)The Expo is dubbed as BUY and GIVE because every product enables the buyer to GIVE and SHARE in 3 ways: First, the buyer generates income for the producer from the marginalized community or sector. Second, part of the income is plowed back to Caritas Manila to sustain its pro-poor programs, specifically the Skills and Livelihood Training and the Youth Servant Leadership and Education Programs. Third, the buyer gets high-quality products at friendly prices for his personal use or as gift to people he cares about.

Come to Caritas Manila’s BUY & GIVE EXPO 2 for good finds at reasonable prices. Shopping has never been this indulgent to the heart.

For more information about the Expo, call 562-0020 t0 25 local 26.

You may also visit or like our Facebook page Caritas Manila, Inc. and follow our Twitter account, @CaritasManila.

#CaritasExpo2 is the official hashtag of the event.

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