Ariel and Goliath:  Higanteng Linis Challenge  in Angono

SAM_5151SAM_5112The battle of  white and darkness goes on every day, most of the time it happens in hidden places where nobody can see and appreciate.  It’s called the laundry area. But for one special occasion, the battle happens out in the open, in a Fiesta arena no less, as Ariel exposes dirty laundry.   So everyone can see and be convinced  of  its good works, Ariel must conquer darkness once again as it faces the giant of laundry loads.

Ariel Celebrates Higantes Festival in Angono by feeding and entertaining the town, while demonstrating the tough cleaning ability of Ariel laundrywash on long white tablecloths.

SAM_5144The celebration began with a lunch of sisig and other  meaty favorites that were served to the hungry crowd.  Long tables covered in immaculate white tablecloths were filled up to capacity earlier as nearby residents were invited for a feast with Ariel.  After the meal, the dirty tablecloths splattered with food spills of oil, soy sauce, tomato sauce along with other difficult to remove stains were gathered to be washed with Ariel laundry powder.

SAM_5162While waiting for the results of the washing process, the crowd was treated to an entertainment of games, raffles, and a concert by Rocksteady.  The crowd cheered loudly as the performers were introduced and eagerly sang along to the popular tunes of Rocksteady’s music.

Then finally the moment of truth has arrived to see if Ariel can beat the Goliath of laundrywashes.  The long table cloths were paraded on stage with the assistance of  stain inspectors.  Clearly, the long clean tablecloths were returned to its original white color with minor stains  proving that Ariel is the winner in the Higanteng Linis challenge in Angono.

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