Feng Shui in SM’s XD: 4D Cinema

xd4dFeel it, Smell it, See it in 4D.  Movies come to  life or rather you enter the movie world.  Experience the newest addition to SM Cinema Mall of Asia’s Specialized Theatres – the XD: 4D Cinema. The new 4D experience presents ginormous in-theatre effects including snow, wind, water, scent, fog and strobe/lightings. It also has seat impactors, motion seats, seat vibrators and even a leg tickler to add a breathtaking fourth dimension experience. Depending on the movie selection, some features may be felt while others omitted to give you the maximum thrill experience.  You have to buy your tickets early as there are only 48 seats available per showing.

xdThe first movie shown in XD4D was “Wolves”, and the experience was somewhat like the Realto of Enchanted Kingdom but in a lesser degree so you can still snack on popcorn and soda without spilling on the floor.  The kids would be thrilled because of the out-of-nowhere punches and sudden jerks combined with the fog and wind.  Try it out this Christmas vacation as they will feature Philippine horror movie  Feng Shui 2 starting December 25.

4dIn this year’s upcoming 40th Metro Manila Film Festival, Star Cinema, in partnership with SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc. will feature its official entry and Feng Shui, at the XD: 4D Cinema in Mall of Asia. Feng Shui, to be shown on December 25, 2014, will be the first Filipino movie rendered in 4D.

Watch the second installment of the multi-million Feng Shui film franchise with tKris Aquino and Coco Martin and engage your senses in complete cinematic experience at Mall of Asia’s XD: 4D Cinema!


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