Life is a Bed of Uratex

SAM_5416This is the life, lying in a Uratex comfy bed.  But do you know what goes into making this leading brand of mattress?  Well we had the pleasure of touring the Uratex factory in Alabang a few weeks ago.  From creating the perfect foam consistency at the lab to its hardening and cooling process and finally its cutting and product packaging.  The making of the Uratex Dream Bed was revealed for your appreciation and comfort.

Health and good rest should be a top priority, thus it is a major decision to choose the right mattress for our personal needs.  Good support and durability must  be the basis of choice.  With Uratex, those qualities are a given in all of their products.  Your priorities will determine the best mattress for you.  Uratex mattresses to choose from include the Pure Fresh Collection for those who suffer from allergies caused by dust mites and other harmful organisms found at home.  The Orthopaedic Support Collection provide the ideal balance of comfort and support to key pressure areas and ensure proper spine alignment.  The Premium Touch Collection has an advanced pocket spring system and high quality foam balance for a firm feel with balanced softness.    The Uratex Bio-Aire Zoned Mattress has unique 3-zoned “peaks and hollows” surface for better weight distribution and air circulation. Their Revitasoft Memory Pillow conforms to the shape of the head, neck, and shoulders for added relaxation and comfort.

RCG (Robert Go Cheng) Foam Group began business in 1968 with Polyfoam Chemical Corporation selling high quality foam at reasonable prices at a time when low quality products dominated the market.  This led to the improvement of the Philippine polyurethane foam market and the birth of top selling brand, Uratex foam.

To date, RCG Group of Companies ha the only complete and certified Foam Testing Laboratory in the Philippines.  Aside from having internationally accredit laboratory periodically test the products overseas, every batch of foam is subjected to 100% in-house testing to analyze compression, resiliency, flammabiity testing among others.

Utilizing strong partnerships with world manufacturing leaders guarantee that RGC will acquire the most up-to-date technology with the advantage of operational efficiency at the same time be environmentally friendly.

Through the success of Uratex Foam, Polyfoam Chemical Corporation has then evolved into manufacturing other products such as plastics, springs, fabrics and metals.

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