What MATters Most . . . Family Togetherness  in My Uratex Mat.  #ItrustU.

Life is but a dream.  As the years have gone by, that nursery rhyme phrase has never held so much truth in my life as in the present.   In this short life of ours, we have to make the most of every minute of our time on earth.  Family bonding time is a fleeting moment as time flies so fast.  Our parents whom we know as being so energetic have become slow and forgetful.   Soon our young children will grow up and have their own personal life without us.

I miss family bonding time with my parents especially when they were younger and full of life.  We should make the short moment we have together as a family matter, we should make it memorable.  If only we can hug our family as long as possible to extend that moment, we would.  Because soon that moment will simply be a memory before our own memories start to fade.  The time spent with our loved ones is what will matter the most in the end.

My Uratex mat lets me be close to my children for we snuggle in its limited space.  It gives us a place to rest when there is none.  Because of its lightness, we can take it wherever to create more memorable moments. My green mat is so practical to bring around and use because it is easy to clean as well. Its fabric dries fast when wet, and food spills can be quickly wiped out.   We can travel with it or simply sit on it outdoors.  It brings us comfort in rough surfaces.  And because it is durable, it will be the link to more special moments through the years.

There is nothing permanent in this life so you have to be ready to move wherever life takes you.  My Uratex mat has a purpose in our life, to keep us closer, give us a place to rest wherever and generally be a part of our life journey until our journey leads us to separate places.  No doubt, my Uratex mat will be a part of my memory in the future as it will be connected to happy memories of being together with my children.  My Uratex mat will always be synonymous to family bonding time.

Since life is a dream, my uratex mat is the vessel to extend my dream. #itrustU.


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