Extra Safe, Extra Income,  GrabCar and GrabPeers Provide Transpo Options

SAM_6323SAM_6318Traffic and whining about traffic can suck out all the positive energy you may possess as it won’t change anything.   To avoid high blood pressure, just accept and go with the traffic flow or go around it.  GrabCar, the Philippines’ number one car-booking app, aims to ease the burden by creating a whole new system where car owners have a chance to earn extra while providing extra vehicles for public use.  This may not do much for traffic but at least provide income opportunities for some at the same time filling in the gaps of transportation needs. Plus, GrabCar provides an added premium service of chauffeur-style luxury car options for those special occasions for a few more pesos.

SAM_6317Last February 18, 2015, GrabCar launched its new line, GrabCar+, at A Space Manila  The new line still offers the same quality of chauffeur-style transportation service as GrabCar but offers luxury car options such as Fortuner, Montero, Camry, Hummer, and Tucson.

“The GrabCar business model has been successful over the past year. We’ve been getting good reviews as well as requests to include more premium cars. This is where we got the idea for GrabCar+. We’re also opening the business to those who are interested to partner with us through the LTFRB-acknowledged and registered GrabPeer system,” according to Natasha Bautista,  Acting General Manager of GrabCar.

SAM_6319Being part of the GrabPeer system will give one access to the country’s widest car-booking user base. It also gives one the chance to be a part of the country’s first accredited Transportation Network Company (TNC). As for the division of income, 80 percent of the fare will go to GrabPeers while GrabCar+ gets 20 percent of the total fare for the use of the system.

SAM_6321To those who are interested to sign up as a GrabPeer, visit www.grabtaxi.com/manila-philippines/and click on the GrabCar+ option to create a GrabPeer account. Submit pertinent documents such as a copy of proof of Filipino citizenship, NBI clearance, BIR Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Business Name issued by the DTI or ITR, and map and address of garage.

GrabCar+ Press Kit-4For interested GrabCar+ drivers, submit a copy of valid professional driver’s license with OR, NBI clearance, and PNP clearance. To register GrabCar+ vehicles, submit OR-CR or sales invoice and valid comprehensive vehicle insurance reflecting the name in the OR-CR.

Interested GrabPeers will be subject to accreditation in compliance with the LTFRB laws while GrabCar+ driver candidates will undergo a thorough screening.

“We are excited to open GrabCar+ to our GrabPeers. Together, we can offer more travel options to our customers and bring them to their destination in the fastest, most convenient, and safest way possible,” Bautista said.

Booking one of the luxury cars is possible through the GrabTaxi app which is available for free download from the App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android), and Blackberry World. Once the app is open, click on the GrabCar+ option. The app detects your curGrabCar+ Press Kit-1rent location and shows you how many GrabCar+ drivers are in the vicinity. As soon as the destination is entered, the app displays the estimated fare. Passengers have the option to pay with cash or go cashless (credit or debit cards).

At the passenger’s confirmation, the app will contact nearby drivers and see their responses in real time. When a driver confirms, the app will show passengers the driver’s photo and name and waiting time. The car’s progress can also be tracked through the app. A button also allows the passenger to call the driver.

For more information, visit www.grabtaxi.com/manila-philippines/grabcar/ or talk to a GrabCar representative and drop by at GrabSessions every Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM at the GrabCar office, 2/F ACI Group Building, 147 H.V. dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati.

For more information on A Space Manila, visit http://www.aspacemanila.com/ or  https://www.facebook.com/aspacemanila


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