TV5 Blooms with Great Fashion and Household Tips on Webisodes

SAM_6948Who wouldn’t benefit from great household tips that could simplify daily living or save a couple of pesos here and there? Snippets of information that won’t take up too much time, a format that you can watch over and over again  to make sure you got the instructions right or refer to at the time you really need it,  TV5’s Bloom is one best things to happen for busy housewives and career women after internet recipes. Three fab, classy women offering tips and life hacks on everything females would love to know about— beauty queen Maggie Wilson, actress Bubbles Paraiso, and commercial model Mikaela Lagdameo, – hosts of the lifestyle web series “Bloom” on With Bloom, practical tips, good finds, and fun discoveries for women are just a click away. In this weekly video blog, Maggie, Bubbles, and Mika tackle a wide range of relevant topics such as dating, parenting, shopping, cooking, or trying out new sports. Each video runs for only 5-8 minutes, making it the perfect companion for busy women who want to maintain a fabulously balanced life. Some webisode favorites include “DIY P1,000 Kikay Kit,” “Super Easy Bentos for Moms,” “Healthy Munchies for People on the Go,” “ Top 5 Fashion Problems Solved,” and “Beauty Hacks: Real or Myth.” The show’s info-rich and fab-filled segments are:

  • Bloom Style – fashion trends and styling your wardrobe, your home or closet
  • Bloom Beauty – how-to’s in hair, makeup, and skincare
  • Bloom Moms – tips and tricks on parenting done in style, from choosing functional yet stylish diaper bags to decorating the nursery
  • Bloom Kitchen – easy recipes, tasty and healthy food ideas
  • Bloom Hunt – new hot spots, awesome haunts, and good finds within the metro
  • Bloom Fab x 3 – a weekly round up of all things chic and fab

Bubbles, Maggie, and Mika each give their own brand of fab to Bloom: Bubbles, the bubbly girl-next-door you’d want to hang out with, is not just a celebrity but also an entrepreneur and Bloom’s resident health nut; Maggie is a multi-hypenated woman—a beauty titlist, mom, model, blogger, interior design student, and the show’s resident beauty expert; and Mika is the resident fashion guru and haute mama—she looks so young, who would think she’s a mom of three? Produced by Digital5, the show premiered last February on and has since then received positive feedback from online audiences, especially women, drawing from the three hosts’ huge social media following, making them some of today’s online influencers. Bloom is one of the first original online exclusive shows produced by Digital5.  In the coming months, expect to see more shows such as “Jinrilationships” (starring Jinri Park, premiered last February), “Tanods,” “Clash of Class,” and “Kwentong Barbero,” all premiering soon on  Two new webisodes of Bloom are uploaded every week on Now you can find your own time to get the information you need quick and simply. You get to Bloom every day at your own pace. How great is that!


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