Scent of a Room Sets the Happy Mood

SAM_6878SAM_6846Nothing completes a clean, well-designed room than the element of scent, Add music and great lighting then you have a mood setter that would refresh and uplift you especially after returning home from a stressful day at work. Scents can be relaxing, a reminder of a spa experience perhaps.  Different scents bring about different moods and feelings, like Fresh Lavender scent is relaxing, while Citrus Sunburst scent is invigorating.  Renuzit presents several appealing scents for the home and your varied moods.

11086438_10152842740902956_1427668273_oDuring an event held at Le Jardin Restaurant in BGC, Renuzit demonstrated the visual match of each scent by grouping the guests with an interior design consultant to arrange the best collage for the assigned scent.  The winner was “Good Morning Sunshine” which visualized the early morning happy feeling with yellow as the dominating color.  Renuzit also presented their latest variant of Raspberry scent that appealed to the majority of the guests.

SAM_6862It was hard to select a favorite scent as they all had their unique wonderful aroma.  Simply Vanilla is a sweet reminder of innocence and pastries, while After the Rain sets you in a meditative and creative mood.

Then there is the Super Odor Killer variant which can wipe out bad odors from the bathroom quickly.  You should try if for yourself and see its effect on you.

SAM_6849Renuzit is exclusively distributed by Unisell Corporation.

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