OraCare for No Sting, No Odors, Just Clean Freshness

SAM_7273Are you one of those who are not into the tingly, mintiness  of  mouthwash but are into the daily habit for hygiene sake?  Then OraCare is for you.

OraCare, manufactured by Pascual  Laboratories, Inc.,  is the first No Alcohol, No Sting, No Color mouthwash launched in the Philippines.  10 years in the market already, OraCare  has been providing the Filipinos a decade of effective, non-stinging way to have a clean and healthy mouth.

OraCare Mouthrinse is surprisingly like water but it is a powerful mouthwash! It has Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, a non-alcohol, anti-bacterial and oxidizing agent (produces oxygen) that goes straight to the root of the problem. It kills anaerobic oral bacteria and degrades volatile sulfur compounds in the mouth—the main source of strong mouth odors.

OraCare Mouthrinse is mouth cleanliness redefined!   The Science of No-sting Mouth  Cleanliness The active ingredient in OraCare is stabilized chlorine dioxide, a bactericidal agent that does not sting or cause staining of the teeth. The result is a pleasant gargling experience.

Strong mouth odors are caused by oral bacteria and the waste material they leave behind called volatile sulfur compounds. The stabilized chlorine dioxide technology  in OraCare not only kills oral bacteria, but also degrades volatile sulfur compounds, essentially eliminating the main source of strong mouth odors.

Quick facts: stabilized chlorine dioxide in OraCare:

  • Kills bad bacteria in the mouth1, 3, 4
  • Neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds that cause strong mouth odors2
  • Does not sting1, 4, 5
  • Does not stain teeth1,4

Your teeth are only around 25% of your mouth, so even if you have a perfect brushing technique, it may not be enough to clean the remaining 75%. Gargling OraCare allows you to clean the areas of the mouth that you don’t normally brush, such as in-between teeth, beneath the gumline and under the tongue.

After brushing, gargle 15 mL of OraCare for 60 seconds. No need to dilute with water and rinse off with water.

Pascual Laboratories, Inc.  is a pharmaceutical company who has been serving the Filipinos with high quality products for almost 70 years.


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