Exploring The Fun Side of Science at the Exploreum Summer Camp 2015

exp3JMH_9646The Kids had a blast this summer in more ways than one . . . a blast of fun and a blast of information without the blast of any chemicals or test tubes.  Such is fun science learning at the Exploreum Summer Camp 2015.

From May 15-17, the kids made many friends, embarked on a variety of science adventures, watched under the sea IMAX movies, tackled some ice experiments at the ice skating rink, and explored the outdoor bay area.  JMH_0824When the session was over at around 6pm, the kids refused to go home but rather preferred to linger at the exploreum interactive exhibit area.  This went on for the following two days we returned, which prompted me to get them membership cards since they never got tired of doing the same things and watching the movies over and over again.  I figured with constant repeat watching they should be able to memorize the script after a while and smart ideas would enter their small minds. Wishful thinking but not a waste of time at all.

JMH_9385Honestly, I didn’t expect my kids to be the science-type at all, they were more the sporty-types to me running around constanly without ever getting exhausted.  That just proves to show, you just have to let your kids try new things without deciding right away they won’t enjoy such activities.  For me, what makes the exploreum summer camp experience a success is because of the variety of places they explore beyond the exploreum perimeter.  The event was a complete sensory experience for children who love to maximize their senses, such as larger than life sea creatures at the IMAX, getting their hands on ice at the ice skating rink, seeing the mysterious visual of the universe in a dome, getting involved in the experiments, using their hands and minds while interacting with the exhibits.  What may seem to be sensory overload to us is curiosity and excitement for them.

JMH_0431So even if your children may seem to be the sporty or musical type, they just might be interested to explore the science world.  Maybe they may even say they are not interested but they might surprise themselves the moment they get there.

If you missed this year, make sure to let them try next year.  It’s a summer explosion of activities, challenging games, and mind-boggling experiments in a three-day learn-through-play event.  The kids went on an exciting race around the galleries of the Exploreum to the other venue affiliates under SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc. such as the IMAX theatre, XD:4D Cinema, SM Skating Rink, and Mall of Asia Arena.


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