Football Goal Beyond the Net To Underprivileged Children

11136611_10152904752477956_842659288_oSAM_7287The world of football is not only for the rich and can afford members of society but it is breaking boundaries to reach out to aspiring underprivileged children who wish to play football as well.  Such is the case for world-famous and loved soccer group Real Madrid and the Filipino children.

Last April 19 to May 22,  Fundacion Santiago, in collaboration with the Real Madrid Foundation, set up a two-week football training clinic for children and football coaches in Metro Manila and Negros Occidental.  The participants were trained by no less than the staff of the Real Madrid C.F. youth team.

SAM_7292Proceeds from the Goooal! The Real Madrid Football Clinic went to the Volun2rism Program, particularly the Real Madrid Foundation Social Sports school in Nasugbu, Batangas.  Real Madrid provided the children of Batangas with football equipment and instruction from trained volunteer coaches.

During a press conference held April 21 at the Orchid Hotel in Manila, organizers answered questions from the media about the event.  One of the questions focused on the possibility of future international Filipino football players playing for Real Madrid.  The coaches present, Daniel Landaburu and Mario Escuer, observed that the Filipinos are hardworking and that is mainly what it takes to be an international player.  “But they must have discipline in their training.  Age is not an issue.  Just as long as you are hardworking and disciplined, you can make it to the world stage,” according to Coach Landaburu.  Also present were Real Madrid CEO for Asia Pacific, Luis Fernandez,  Fundacion Santiago Executive Director, Chaco Molina, and Phil. Sports Commission Exec. Director Iroy GuillSAM_7294ermo.

Aside from learning techniques and teamwork and other social skills, the sport of football teaches its students to reach out to underprivileged children. Goooal! The Real Madrid Football Clinic may be the avenue to bring football lovers together to have fun while training for a worthy cause.

Fundacion Santiago is a Filipino private, not-for-profit, PCNC certified organization established in 1993.  Their aim is to help bring about a more aware Filipino, who can develop himself and help others around him through two development programs: Community Based Heritage Tourism (CBHT), and Volun2rism.

CBHT is an incl11163542_10152904749992956_823750961_ousive, bottom up approach towards poverty alleviation that not only promotes and rests upon the cultural aspect, but also on the historical and environmental wealth of a specific locality.

Volun2rism offers both standard and tailor-fit package wherein travelers have a unique opportunity to share their time, talent, technology, and treasure with their less fortunate brothers and sister while experiencing our country’s culture and heritage through the context of  the CBHT program.


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