Move Over Science, Time to Have Fun with Math Too


SMLF poster_main_CS6
SMLF poster_main_CS6

Whoever said that Math was boring? Ok, I guess that was me in highschool.  But not anymore with the methods prepared by Galileo Enrichment Center for Singapore Math.  With fun problem solving process, a  colorful presentation, some math games, computer applications, and other math play time activities, Galileo Enrichment Center might as well be a recreational play center plus the math genius grooming for your kids.

SAM_7833There is more to Math than simply writing and adding numbers on a piece of paper, or memorizing the multiplication table which can be mechanical and routinary.  In a blogger conference held recently at its Legaspi Village branch last June20,  I discovered the creative side of learning math and understanding Math in a memorable and painless way.

So I decided not to let my kids endure Math the way I did back in gradeschool and rather let them enjoy the learning experience in a colorful and lively way.  Instead of tears as they feel forced to learn and understand Math, the kids will be made to smile and be open towards a very important subject in their life. Instead of complaining and dreading Math, the kids hopefully will be psyched to look forward to their Math lessons.

galileo4SAM_7838It just makes a lot of sense to integrate Math  and playtime.  The experience will be positive and  comprehension would be lasting and memorable.  If you feel  with me on this, why not check it out for yourself as there will be Singapore Math Festival at the AIM Conference Center on July 4.  Read on to learn more about Singapore Math and Galileo’s methodology …

In full commitment to its advocacy of developing independent, life-long learners, Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Inc. has continuously been calibrating their learning programs to answer the varying needs of the Filipino learners especially with the implementation  of the Dep Ed K12 Curriculum in  2012.

SAM_7795“Studies have shown that having a strong understanding of both Math and English helps kids become more systematic, organized, disciplined and confident. These kids achieve more than their peers later on in life. Children who are good in both subjects are better in terms of discipline and have a better chance of getting better work employment,” explains Ms. Ma. Rowena J. Matti, the Chief Executive Officer of Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Inc.

The bottom line, Ms. Matti says, is all about changing the Filipino mindset. “It’s reallSAM_7816y the attitude and the way it’s taught.” The key to doing well in both English and Math is having kids enjoy learning the subjects and actually understanding them well. And you need to start them young. Tutorials are helpful, says Ms. Matti, in a sense that they offer “quick fix.” Enrichment programs, on the other hand, have a more proactive approach in teaching kids Math and English.

SAM_7826This is where Galileo plays a vital role in the education of the school kids with their best pedagogy and their unique Telescopic Approach  complemented by Galileo’s Five Ways of Learning: Space Race which employs sets of flash cards for speed and accuracy; Tactile Launchpad, which uses board games, blocks and other manipulative materials; Nova Data, which are instructional materials to train kids on mastery of the topics covered; Book Galaxy, which helps kids enjoy reading and appreciate literature; and Cyber Explorer, which focuses on Information and Communications Technology (ICT)  software games.

Two Fold Flyer_102214_a
Two Fold Flyer_102214_a

Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Inc. which started its operations in 2005 has been providing the country with premium educational programs such as Math, English, Singapore Math and Galileo Little Explorers.

The Math and English Programs are offered to kids ages 3 to 12 to better prepare kids for their tons of academic work and develop them to be academically competitive.

The Singapore Math which Galileo pioneered in the Philippines in 2009 is for kids ages 6 to 12 where the students are trained and equipped with mastery and appreciation of Math concepts. Drills on model drawing and the use of manipulatives are incorporated to ensure their better understanding of abstract Math concepts and rules following the CPA approach: Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract.

Anchored on play-based learning, the Galileo Little Explorers is a learning program for toddlers ages 1.5 to 3. With the curricular framework  EXPLORE: Learning through Discovering; IMAGINE: Learning through Creating; SHARE: Learning through Caring and EXPERIENCE: Learning through Immersing,  the program also focuses on early numeracy and literacy skills, practical life such as manners, socialization, responsibility, awareness of their environment, and appreciation of nature.

Help support Galileo’s advocacy of developing Filipino kids to be independent, lifelong learners. Help secure the future of Filipino kids especially in Education! Be a Galileo co-advocate!

For more information, visit or check them on Facebook & Instagram: galileoenrichment. You may also call them at  (02) 845-1234.

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One thought on “Move Over Science, Time to Have Fun with Math Too

  1. I agree with you! If I learned math the Singapore way back in the day, I would have probably enjoyed it. Good to know this generation of Filipino kids are being given an opportunity to do so 🙂

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