Bello! Minion Party by Snack Time. Poopaye!

SAM_7981To celebrate the upcoming Minions Movie, SM Lifestyle and Entertainment Inc. and  SnackTime hosted a Minions Party last Saturday, June 27 for all the little minion lovers.  Yellowness filled the room as minion-wannabees excitedly visited booths of goodies and games at the IMAX theater before the showing of Despicable Me 2. All flavors of popcorn from Snack Time, minion mamons from Monde, sunkist minion juices were given to face-painted kids who had fun with the games and balloon creations.  All the adults  were back to being kids again as they joined the lines to get some goodies too, wore balloon hats, cheered along with the games, and watched the movie with the same enthusiasm as the kids. Underwear! (I swear, minion-speak).

Tatata-bala-tu . . . Tulalilloo ti amo . . . . . . just practicing minion-language. Bananoninal!  Every word seems to have some form of banana in it.  When you hear them say “We want banana”, it just means “I am hungry”.  So watch out for the movie Minions on July 8 and hear more minion talk.

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