21st Century Math: Flip the Classroom, Google Info, Be Creative, Have Fun

SAM_8098Math can be more than just stale numbers and routine operations in the classroom.  It’s dynamic, creative, colorful and fun.  It’s creating formulas,  building vehicles and structures, creating art, sports accuracy, computer program development, planning communities, in other words it is the foundation for everything.  So why not make Math come alive by connecting it to actual applications, visualizing the problems, and making solutions tangible for students to appreciate what learning Math can do.  That is the main message communicated during the Galileo Singapore Math Festival 2015  held last July 4 at the AIM Conference Center in Makati.

Some of the topics covered in the sessions were: Games that Teach, The Magic of Model Drawing, Meaningful Math at Home, Building Blocks to Algebraic Thinking, How a  Flipped Classroom Works. Guest speakers included: Dr. Romela Cruz,DepEd program supervisor, Dr. Queenie Lee-Chua, Professor at Ateneo University,Shiarell Loida Cruz, DepEd, Maribeth Lamis, Galileo,Tom Chu, Professor at St. Stephen’s Highschool, Millona Barraco, Homeschool, Dr. Flordeliza Francisco, Professor at Ateneo University, Ann Marie Wongchuking-Pato, Director at Galileo Enrichment,Gail Tan, Communications Manager, Google.

Let students enjoy math and not be terrorized or traumatized by it.  Remove all the negativity towards math and treat math as a best friend that will help him or her in the  future.  Don’t create Math terrors in teachers, instead make them fun, friendly, and approachable.  Don’t stick to the pencil, notebook and boring classroom approach, go outside and teach Math with colors.  Galileo’s advocacy is to change the common perception about Math being boring and stressful but rather a fun and happy learning experience for students.  The result would be better memory retention and understanding.  But why stop at math, apply the same rules for the other subjects as well . . . time to reassess, toss out the old and ineffective ways, innovate, revolutionize education..

For inquiries about how to enroll at Galileo Enrichment Center or become a Galileo partner by franchising, visit www.galileoenrichment.com or email at info@galileoenrichment.com.  You may also visit their FB and Instagram: galileoenrichment or Twitter:galileoenrich.

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