Scrapbooking Heaven with FUJIFILM Instax Share and Great Coffee


I finally had the opportunity to try out scrapbooking last August 19 with the help of Fujifilm Instax Share and Wonder Photo Shop-Tokyo at Shibuya Café.   It was double the fun for me,  because aside from the designing activity, there was also the cool printing aspect.  Being a scrapbooking first timer,  I was overwhelmed at the start with design possibilities and a variety of cute add ons.   This plus the initial fixation with the Instax printer popping out “polaroid”-style photos from my smartphone via wifi kept me in serious scrapbooking mood.  With a cup of coffee, soft music,  it was not long before I settled in the moment, releasing my worries and cares away.

SAM_8450Admittedly, I spent more time printing photos and watching the images appear before my eyes than putting together my scrapbook.  How I wish I had more time to spend putting together the photos and designing my scrapbook, which I ended up with only one page done.   Time is too short for scrapbooking.  Let that be a warning to budget your time in advance before embarking on such activity.  Now I know better.
Studies have shown that scrapbooking is a good stress-buster,  a quiet distraction from the cares of the world and provides a sense of accomplishment especially when you are able to finish a project. It improves concetration and focus as you SAM_8445collect happy memories in a visually appealing package.

SAM_8444The Wonder Photo Shop-Tokyo, the first FUJIFILM’s concept Store in South East Asia, is a one-stop boutique and learning center that offers an array of printing services and products that include Instax Share, a portable printing device, and the Instax camera. Scrapbooking becomes easier with the shop’s a variety of photo accessories like washi tape, fancy photo albums, photo frames and stickers.

SAM_8453Instax Share is one of the most innovative and handy printing solution to Instax cameras and mobile devices. Simply download the app, FUJIFILM Instax Share; send your photos through the app, and print as much as you can, anytime, anywhere.  Available are a variety of templates for the printed photos: real time, limited edition, SNS (for Facebook and Instagram), square, seasonal and standard.

SAM_8464The square template fits the photo into a square so that there will be space for writing your thoughts, mood, and messages.Seasonal templates allow you to design the printed photo in different designs to fit a special occasion: birthday, christening, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.

The Intax Share also has filter options with your choice of black and white or sepia. Using FUJIFILM digital cameras, you can easily send photos to Instax Share and directly print your photos.

SAM_8461This instant camera is cuteness overload packed with basic photography settings you can play around with. The entry level Instax Mini 8, for instance, automatically determines the best brightness for taking a picture, and informs you of the suitable setting by lighting the corresponding lamp. While setting the brightness adjustment dial to the high-key mode mark allows you to take pictures with a softer impression.

SAM_8470Launched last June, the Wonder Photo Shop-Tokyo in Ayala-U.P. Town Center has services available that include a “selfie studio,” where customers can take delight in taking and printing complex photos; printing services with high-quality professional paper, photobook service, and WPS (Wonder Print Station) kiosk printer, which provides a variety of quick photo printing. Customers can print on different materials like glass, cork board, sintra board, wood board and canvass.


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