Photography Revolutionized:  Mirrorless Fuji Cams and the Return of Films

SAM_8751SAM_8790With the entry of a revolutionized camera and, consequently, photo taking , the old habits in photography using DSLR  must now be re-learned .  With new innovations comes re-education and change in perspectives as well as habits.. After 80 years of quiet existence, Fujifilms has re-invented the camera removing the mirror inside and adjusting light entry for a lighter load, more focused, clear photos,  and a wider range of creativity options.  Photography seems to be entering a new age of amazing results for less effort,  with talent as a given.  Fujifilm has done what they could to make photography more fun and beautiful in a technological way, but the human factor of talent in composition, perspective, color, and focus will still be required though.

SAM_8792In a presscon held last September 14 at  the New World hotel, media, bloggers, photo enthusiast  and photographer celebrities came together to check out this innovation and were wowed by what they saw.  Photography before the DSLR era, with lens and film minus the weight and parallax error.

SAM_8788More compact, capable, and user-friendly, Mirrorless cameras are the future of photography and can out-perform DSLRs in form and function. A Mirrorless camera does not have the mirror-reflex found inside DSLRs, which reflects light into the viewfinder—and in turn makes DSLRs bulky. By removing this mirror, light travels directly into the camera’s sensor, allowing for a lighter and quieter camera, while still giving users the option of changing and choosing from a variety of lenses. It gives great image quality that can rival that of full-sized DSLRs—but without the back strain.

SAM_8769Professional photographers who made the switch are: Popular street photographer Xyza Dela Cruz Bacani , travel photographer Rommel Bundalian, fashion photographer Niko Villegas, commercial shooter Jan Gonzales, wedding photography maestro Lito Sy, and landscape photographer Randall Cipriano.

Visit a fujifilm shop and test it for yourself,  it’s the new talk of the photography community.

SAM_8773The X Series was built with functionality and portability in mind, easy to carry around anywhere, especially when sight-seeing and going on an adventure.

FUJIFILM X Series also boasts of producing the best image quality with less graininess, thanks to the X-Trans CMOS sensor that produces accurate and natural colors, even skin tones. No need to worry about making your subjects look yellow, blue, red, green, or purple. And speaking of colors, if you’re more into artsy photo finishes, FUJIFILM’s X Series still allows you to utilize them for creating moods with six different color Film Simulation modes, culled from FUJIFILM’s 80-year history of photographic film manufacturing.

SAM_8774The X Series also offers 18 high quality premium lenses packed with superior technology, such as the Nano-GI coating for sharper images and the world’s most advanced Optical Image Stabilization technology that helps detect and correct low frequency camera-shake elements, rendering beautifully clear pictures. Like the X Series cameras, FUJINON lenses are compact and lightweight, and hold with them 80 years of lens development history.

  1. It’s so quiet and discreet

SAM_8756A loud shutter can ruin the perfect moment; all it takes is one loud “thwack” to alarm your subject, which typically happens when the mirror inside the DSRL swings up.  With an X Series Mirrorless camera, you can shoot candid and intimate photos of your baby, pet, friends, object of affection, or even your favorite celebrities without being noticed!

  1. It reduces the camera shake caused by the mirror in DSLRs

Not only does removing the mirror get rid of the noise from the flipping motion, it also minimizes the vibrations that cause blurred images—yes, it’s not always you. Photos are therefore sharper, crisper, and uncompromised with the X Series.

  1. More accurate focusing

DSLRs tend to miss the focus on subjects because of the separate autofocus sensor. With the Mirrorless cameras sensor-embedded focus pixels, autofocus becomes more accurate, reliable, and fast.

  1. What you see is what you get

SAM_8754The Electronic View Finder (EVF) of Mirrorless cameras provides better control than the Optical View Finder (OVF) in DSLR, which only shows the image after you click. With the EVF, you get a live preview of what you’re about to capture, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments before pressing the shutter button—less failed shots!


Finding the Mirrorless camera that’s perfect for you

1. For the social media maven: FUJIFILM X-A2

SAM_8758If you like documenting everything around and about you, from selfies of your makeup look of the day and family get-togethers to mouth-watering food photos and scenic locations, this stylish camera is for you. Be it self-portraits, landscapes, macro shots, low-light, or flash photography, the FUJIFILM X-A2 allows you to document important moments perfectly with superb image quality.

It’s the first X Series model to feature an LCD screen that flips up 175 degrees, making it easier to take a selfie, with a wide-angle kit lens that allows you to include your surroundings. Its eye detection AF automatically focuses on the eyes, while the Portrait Enhancer mode makes skin look brighter and smoother. And when you’re ready to share your photos, you can easily highlight up to 30 images in your camera and wirelessly transfer them to your smartphone to post immediately! This camera is great for parents who love to take photos of kids and upload them on Facebook, as well as femme fatales who work hard during weekdays and party harder on weekends.

2. For the globe-trotting shutterbug: FUJIFILM X-T10

SAM_8776The FUJIFILM X-T10 turns any trip, whether in everyday life or another part of the world, into the ultimate photo opportunity. With its new autofocus system, it has modes for high speed and precision, as well as for capturing moving subjects. This is actually great for parents who want to document memories of their kids—from sleep to play—as well as for pet owners.

It also has evolved Film Simulation settings, allowing you to instantly capture brilliant images of your picture-perfect vacation without the need for lengthy photo editing. You can get the most from the FUJIFILM X-T10 with the wide selection of FUJINON interchangeable lenses.

3. For the adventure-seeker: FUJIFILM X-T1

SAM_8759Individuals who take their photography as seriously as their adrenaline fix deserve the X Series camera that boasts the world’s highest viewfinder magnification ratio of 0.77x and fastest display with a lag-time of just 0.005 sec., packaged in a compact, weather-resistant statement-making black or graphite silver body. The weather-resistant structure is sealed in approximately 80 places and is both dust and water resistant, and can cope in temperatures as low as -10°C. Ready for every scene and purpose, FUJIFILM X-T1 also has the complete lineup of accessories.

FUJIFILM X-T1’s Real Time Viewfinder allows you to immediately see any changes to your composition, keeping you in touch with your subject. Its newly designed Graphic User Interface provides a fresh shooting experience with clear details and a comfortable at-a-glance view of your settings. It’s ideal for composing expansive landscapes, as well as sports and action photography.

4. For every group’s designated documenter: FUJIFILM X-E2

SAM_8785There’s always one person in the family, at work, or among a group of friends who’s the designated photographer and videographer during trips, gatherings, and pretty much every photo opportunity there is. If that person is you, this camera is the essential companion.

The X-E2 is equipped with all the fancy functions you want in a high-performing camera, like an enhanced Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) that includes the world’s fastest display lag-time of 0.005 sec. and firmware upgrades that will shorten the display lag for FUJIFILM X-E2’s EVF to less than 1/10 that of the current firmware to the world’s fastest, invented as Real Time Viewfinder in FUJIFILM X-T1. It also boasts the world’s fastest auto focus speed of 0.08 sec., achieved by FUJIFILM’s evolved AF system that tracks the subject with precision even in high-speed continuous shooting, ideal for photographing children, pets, and other subjects that seem to be constantly on the go.

SAM_8784It also comes with the ultimate sensor, X-Trans CMOS II, that delivers unprecedented resolution, unmatched color reproduction, and even higher definition image capture, paired with advanced Lens Modulation Optimizer (LMO) for images with incredible sharpness. You can capture everything, from panorama shots in stunning large-size prints to time-lapse photography, as well as HD Movies with the combination of FUJIFILM X-E2’s large sensor and bright XF/XC lenses.

SAM_8781The design of the FUJIFILM X-E2, which comes in a classic silver or discreet black body, allows you to catch those “perfect moments” with a dial operation that makes the camera an extension of your vision, allowing you to change settings instinctively without looking up from the viewfinder. It’s fixed with an internal Super Intelligent Flash that automatically gives the ideal amount of flash for every scene, even under strong backlit or dark conditions, and prevents washout of the subject and background. Capping off a list of features that are every lensman’s dream, it also features the original “one touch” wireless transfer that lets you share high image quality on the spot to your smartphone or PC with its built-in Wi-Fi, as well as straight to your social media accounts or even to a friend.

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