The Horse and His Boy Rides High to a Glorious Sunset

905945_10153321745372956_4905910596273690936_o12080140_1473265539648409_3288348527374856951_oPhilippine Theater is riding high these days especially on a horse.  “The Horse and His Boy” by Trumpets is a great play for the whole family.  Bringing  to life a Narnia classic of talking horses, one with an attitude problem, and making it believable and funny especially for the children is a difficult challenge.  Most children are restless and they easily get distracted.  But if you can  hold on to their attention for more than an hour, then your performance is spellbinding.  Each actor lived up to their character in accent and nuances and their interactions were truly entertaining.
How do you translate a magical horse in a theater performance?  Surely, that  would be close to impossible if you didn’t perform close to perfect especially with limited props.  The success also belong to the creative costumes on top of excellent acting skills.  The cast was composed of theater veterans who transformed the stage into Narnia, the set design and costume was efficient and eye-catching, and the story ending was memorable with that final twist. With only two more weekends to go, you better get your tic12138460_10153323099877956_371416430311091112_okets soon or you won’t be able to be part of the conversation as the play is now the talk of the town.  Catch them in Meralco Theater this November before it is too late.

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