Vocal Masterclass with Filipino Tenor Arthur Espiritu

Arthur Espiritu (right) in a scene from Don Pasquale.

Press Announcement:

The Cultural Arts Events Organizer in partnership with MusicArtes,  Ayala Museum, BusinessWorld, Lyric Piano and DZFE.FM  The Master’s Touch, announces the extensive vocal workshop of tenor Arthur Espiritu that will run from Jan. 15 to 17 at the Black Box Studio of MusicArtes. The workshop will be capped with a culminating concert on Jan. 19 of at 7 p.m. at the Ayala Museum.

Participants are required to come with an open mind so they can explore different possibilities, know the piece, memorize their pieces, get them ready for translation and for public consumption.

The participants must pick the right and best repertoire that honestly suits them.  If it’s a role, they should know the complete character, analyze how they think they could portray the character, see themselves in the character and note the associations with the character.  In short,  they should study and research their roles well.

What will the participant expect to learn from the workshop:

  • Day 1: Getting to know the voice  and finding what repertoire is best for the voice;
  • Day 2: Character analysis and technique;
  • Day 3: Finishing all things worked on and advice to young artists embarking on auditioning in school or opera training programs.

May we invite all students and music lovers to join us and to learn and experience what’s goes on before an opera production.  Entrance fee is only Php 200.00

For more information, call Joseph Uy at 0920-954-0053 or 997-9483


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