Boxing, Beauty, and Bowling

The Philippines has reached the No.1 spot in the world  in these areas with Manny Pacquiao, Pia Wurtzbach, Paeng Nepomuceno and CJ Suarez.  Knowing that Filipinos can be the best in these areas,  it’s but wise to focus on developing future winners in these fields.  Since we are flying high and proud these days for our boxing and beauty heroes, we should now look into another Philippine stronghold sport in bowling.

Christian Jan “CJ” Suarez, former bowling world champ 2003 and currently head of SM bowling center, aims to bring back the glory days of Philippine bowling in an annual search for the top Filipino bowlers.  Millionaire’s Cup, the biggest bowling tournament in the country, plans to elevate the level of competition to produce world-class players.

The Millionaire’s Cup is an open division tournament for male and female amateur bowlers, and a member of the Philippine Bowling Congress, with an average score of not more than 210. The Millionaire’s Cup is a singles handicap event based on the participating bowlers’ current averages entered in this competition. The tournament’s qualifying series, which happens simultaneously across all 8 SM Bowling Centers, consists of 4 sets of 3 games where multiple tries are allowed. The 8 SM Bowling Centers shall have individual Center Finals to determine the qualifiers for the National Finals. The National Finals determine the top 16 bowlers who will qualify for the Grand Slam Finals. In the Grand Slam Finals, the last bowler standing after all the knock out rounds shall be declared the winner of the SM Bowling Millionaire’s Cup.

Cash prizes are given to the winners of the Central Finals and the top 16 participants of the Grand Slam Finals. For the Center Finals, the 2nd and 3rd Runner Up shall be awarded with 25, 000 pesos and the 1st Runner up shall be awarded with 50, 000 pesos. The Center Finals champions shall receive a grand prize of 100, 000 pesos.

In the Grand Slam Finals, the 5th to 16th placers shall receive 25, 000 pesos each. The 2nd and 3rd Runner-ups shall be awarded with 250, 000 and 150, 000 pesos respectively. The 1st runner-up of the Grand Slam Finals will be given 500, 000 pesos, and the over-all Champion of the Grand Slam Finals will be awarded with 2 million pesos plus a brand new Chevrolet Sonic.

If those incentives aren’t enough to encourage competent bowlers to hone their craft, then I don’t know what will.  This is SM’s way of promoting the sport and developing future Filipino world-class winners.


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