The Movie Has Risen To The Occasion

image001No other film has depicted Jesus Christ as close to the way I perceived him to be during that era other than “Risen”.   The movie was engrossing as well as it is enlightening and credible.

Jesus or Yeshua was presented as a predominatly calm, patient, forgiving, loving person, with a warm, focused expression in his eyes as portrayed by actor Cliff Curtis.  My description may fall short of what I am trying to communicate but what I am basically saying is that this actor somewhat captured the idea of what portraying Jesus means.  It must have been difficult to capture the true nature of Jesus, his divinity, truth, peace-loving essence, especially since no one alive has met him personally and most of us have a diverse perception of him.  But in my opinion, this movie comes close to depicting God the Son.

I wasn’t the only one who thought that the movie rocked, even my eight year old daughter was awake the whole time and very attentive until the end. The movie was relatable as if it was speaking to the present day crowd and mimicked their possible reaction should this event have taken place in 2016 .  Presenting the story in the eyes of a non-believer was key in getting the audience interested. The movie is addressing our inner doubts about the whole occurrence that happened according to the bible, and only through the bible.

Past religious movies have failed because they portrayed Jesus as overacting, preachy, perfectly good.  This made us lose attention early on and lose interest eventually before dozing off to sleep.

I could go as far as saying the movie may have an evangelical impact especially for those who are lost.  If my daughter liked the movie enough to commit into striving to be a good person always then I highly recommend this movie be seen by children of school age. The PG-13 rating may be a little over the top perhaps due to the brutality scene in the final hour of the crucifixion but I believe it is still a tame presentation from the actual scene and done in good taste.

As a homeschooling mom, this movie helps me in explaining the story of Jesus better to my early gradeschool children.  I need more visuals in movie form about stories of historical people and events as children respond and absorb the lesson better through these means.

If there was something that lacked in the movie to increase more viewers, for me it would have been not capitalizing on the awesome drama and actual earth-shaking action scenes of the resurrection and transfiguration of Jesus that would have wowed the audience.

The actors did their research well and presented their characters excellently.  Joseph Fienes, Peter Firth, Tom Felton, and Maria Botti who portrayed Mary Magdalene were impeccable in their performance. One reason I believe that this film is a success. The other reason is that the movie was speaking to non-believers which is a majority of us.  It is common knowledge that religious films are not easily patronized or ignored when presented with other movie choices focusing on comedy, action, or romance.  Needless to say, I enjoyed the movie for its “thinking” approach where it questions details taken for granted by Catholics like me.

RISEN is the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection, as told through the eyes of a non-believer.  Clavius (Joseph Fiennes), a powerful Roman military tribune, and his aide, Lucius (Tom Felton), are tasked to solve and refute the mystery of a “Messiah’s” resurrection in the weeks following the crucifixion, in order to avert a revolution in Jerusalem. Following the directive of Roman prefect Pontius Pilate who had been urged by the Pharisees and scribes to seal and guard the tomb of the supposed “King of the Jews,” Centurion Clavius was forced to resolve the conspicuous investigation of a tomb found empty three days after the Messiah’s execution. Initially speculating the involvement of the Christ’s disciples in stealing the body of Yeshua (Jesus as referred to Hebrew name in film), Clavius finds himself on a road of self-discovery, on who Jesus Christ truly was, and possibly why the mighty Roman Empire had felt threatened.

Have a Holy Week at SM Cinema and enjoy “RISEN” beginning March 2, 2016. Visit your nearest SM Cinema branch or log on to   for more details.



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