BLSS Swimming Lessons for All, Adults and Special Kids Included


Summer is here, and it usually means swimming time.   How can you enjoy summer if you don’t know how to swim?  I made sure my kids learned how to swim early so I don’t have to worry about them everytime we go to the pool.  It’s a truly smart invnestment for your own peace of mind, and their enjoyment and health.

But it shouldn’t be only for the kids, how about the older ones? The ones whoIMG_5876 didn’t get the chance to have swimming lessons because of time constraints or plain fear of deep water.  (Guilty of the last one)  I  usually tell myself I am a beach person and not a swimming pool person.  I give excuses for not taking lessons because of an ear problem or that I am not interested.  But the need to know how to swim is beyond interest alone, it is a health plus activity or in the worst case, a life or death situation if you need to save someone you love.
So learn to swim, I must. I have to push beyond my comfort zone and initial fear, and learn to swim properly as this is a relaxing way to maintain your health,  Swimming is a complete work out, and the best one for the summer season.

IMG_5866 “The water is your friend”, is what Coach Anothony Lozada told us during an introductory class for adult swimming  by Bert Lozada Swimming School  or BLSS held March 19 at Ace Water Spa in Pasig.  Initially, my goal  was to simply improve the swimming skills of my kids but after the briefing for the BLSS Summer launch, I was convinced that I must take adult swimming classes for its tremendous benefits.  Primarily for health and vanity, then all the other benefits follow after that. Hahaha.

IMG_5830For those of you who resisted taking swimming lessons for whatever reason, it is not too late to learn as BLSS offers Adult Swimming lessons addressing your fears and limitations.  BLSS is deteremined to teach you and make you change yo
ur mind about swimming.  They will not give up on the oldies, wanting them to learn and enjoy swimming.  I feel like I am talking about myself here because I closed my doors a long time ago about learning to swim.

Bert Lozada Swim School (BLSS), the country’s largest swim institution, announced the programs and schedules for their 2016 courses that provide personalized and group teaching instruction to infants, children and adults through the Bert Lozada Swim System.
The BLSS teaches water 12719437_10153594769977956_5330632618528909994_osafety and survival techniques as well as helps conquer one’s hydrophobia. Under the Bert Lozada Swim System, every student surely acquires the basic skills in survival swimming.   At BLSS, everyone can swim. BLSS Chief Operating Officer Angelo Lozada shared, “2016 is our 60th year and we are excited to welcome both old and new students into the Bert Lozada Swim System this summer in over 60 of our venues nationwide!”
IMG_5799BLSS has a pool of competent staff composed of educators and coaches, some of who are members of the World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA) and certified by the Australian Council for the Teaching of Water-safety and Swimming (AUSTSWIM). As part of the company’s commitment to provide high quality instruction to its students, the company continuously updates its technical expertise through the staff’s participation in seminars both here and abroad such as those conducted by the United States Swim School Association (USSSA) and World Aquatic Babies and Children Association (WABC) to which BLSS is a member.

Other seminars participated in were held at various swimming centers such as the Crystal Palace Sports Center in the United Kingdom, the prestigious Leipzig Sports University in Germany, and the World Swimming Clinic in Florida, USA conducted by the American Swimming Coaches Association. BLSS is also affiliated with the World Aquatic Baby Congress (WABC) and the Australian Coaches and Swim Teachers Association (ACSTA).

“We have continuously evolved our training expertise in recognition of12719506_10153593732942956_3891492366204490045_o the numerous developments and learnings, both in technology and psychology,” Lozada shared. “Our founder, Bert Lozada, started this institution with a vision of a „drown-free Philippines‟ and we share that vision with him.” The BLSS also conducts its own rese
arch and development on the current trends in the field of swimming. Thus, it has developed its very own swimming equipment scientifically engineered for use in the various stages of its swimming programs. For more information about BLSS’ venues and schedules, please call 563-5532 or visit



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