Diabetes Made Friendly and Convenient at The Diabetes Store


For people who have diabetes,  as well as the almost diabetic and those afraid to have SAM_1113diabetes, there is a special place for your special needs.  The Diabetes Store (TDS) is the first personal sto
re for all needs concerning diabetes.  No need to look far or contact relatives abroad to have them send  items not available nearby.

SAM_1112As a specialized outlet, the store offers a wide array of products and services that will help people with diabetes check and manage their condition.  The store likewise will provide counseling services, particularly on proper meal nutrition and queries on diabetes complications.   While doing so, the store works to build a support community for people with diabetes, and for those that care for them.

12828488_10153585585522956_6061080175192846385_oTDS simply bridges the gap between medical doctors, medicine providers, and diabetic patients.  In effect, better awareness is gained, as well as knowledge and understanding about diabetes, so that the best possible products and services can be provided.

5 C’S of Diabetes:

CHECK – Products or devices that will moni12829014_10153585592787956_6476906783901299614_otor and regulate your condition, specifically blood sugar.

CONTROL- Medicines and supplements that help control your condition.

CONSUME-Food, snacks, and beverages that are diabetic-friendly yet still appeal to the taste buds.

CARE- ProdSAM_1110ucts that will look after your body from head to toe.

COUNSEL-One-on-one educational sessions with Personal Diabetes Counselors.
TDS is focused on the patients’ need for convenience, so In-house Personal Diabetes Counselors are provided, as well as Friendly Foru12841207_10153585590822956_4805971698445968892_oms, an online community, and a club membership.



For more information, visit www.thediabetesstore.com.ph or visit the store at  198 J. Elizalde St. BF Homes, Paranaque City.


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