Ingredients — Key to Chef Rob Pengson’s Great Meals and High Energy


“As a chef, ingredients are key in transforming any dish into a lavish cuisine,” shares Chef Rob Pengson.  This award-winning chef, business owner, TV host, and mentor  shares tips on success and fulfillment in  a cooking demo held at Blue Leaf Pavilion in BGC last April 2016.  Chef Rob presented healthy, easy-to-prepare dishes for both adSAM_1607ults and children.  As I observed the preparation of his dishes, he makes use of  high quality products as opposed to my substitutes.  As an active cooking mom, I’m usually on “econo” mode—opting for the cheaper substitutes for budgetary purposes but I realized that the results were not the same as using the high quality products. Chocolate, cheese, nuts, butter, oils—-the quality of these ingredients mattered in the long run.  If you want to prepare a good chocolate cake or cheesecake, a savory lasagna or any other noodle dish, pizza, you need to invest in good quality ingredients for that “wow” factor.  Otherwise, you  have to settle for so-so dishes that simply satisfy the stomach and not the palate.

SAM_1616Aside from honing his craft in the kitchen and managing business, Chef Rob juggles family life as well.  That needs a lot of energy, not easy as you get older.

“Family is the top force that drives me to keep going in life.  I want to continue to innovate the Filipino cuisine that I serve in my restaurants while not compromising on quality time with the family.  You must have that work-life balance for fulfillment and joy,” adds Chef Rob.

SAM_1618He attributes his energy to Pharmaton which  also improves overall mood, memory, and attention.  Pharmaton combines vitamins and minerals with ginseng G115 and deanol for improved mental and physical performance–this dual combination helps combat stress and fatigue.  It also raises the body’s immune system for better protection from viral and bacterial infection, while managing inner physical and mental energy.

Chef Rob has a lot on his plate and he needs all the help he can get. You may want to try this energy booster as well to keep you in a positive mood amidst all the nerve-wracking daily tasks.


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