CEO Suites: Customized Office Space When You Need It

SAM_1535If you are in the early stages of your business venture and you don’t have that much capital to work with, you may be happy to know that you can still have a posh corner office at a moment’s notice with a practical cost.

Imagine12931004_10153660766462956_1681758091291970623_n the expenses in setting up an office in the Makati Business
District especially early on when your business just started and not yet making money.   Finding a decent location, preparing a contract that binds you with a cash deposit and advance rental fee, construction and designing expenses,  purchasing equipment,  monthly salary of receptionist and secretaries—setting up hassles that eats up time, money and energy, then finding out business is not good and you have to close shop in a year or tw12986956_10153660765172956_2430390586828760346_no.  Your losses would have been heartbreaking and discouraging.
Now  you have the option of renting a fully-equipped and fully furnished office on a monthly, weekly, and even daily rate at the time you need it.
Introducing CEO Suite, a one-stop workplace solutions provider for clients who need serviced offices, instant offices, virtual offices, meeting and training rooms, or professional services for their businesses.  CEO Suite is the only serviced office operator in 12805855_10153660766007956_8786051959274142_nAsia run by industry experts with more than a decade of worldwide experience.

CEO Suite was founded in 1997 with its first center at the Indonesia Stock Exchange Towers in Jakarta.  Founded by Ms. Mee Kim who has a 24-year experience in the service/serviced office industries with a boad and growing base of international business network, CEO Suites has more than 140 team members in 8 countries around the region.

With offices in Jakarta, SAM_1536Manila, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Hanoi, CEO Suites will help positioin your business presence in Asia’s Grade A buildings in the cities’ central business district.  CEO Suites offers professional offices and business support services for all sizes of businesses, from start ups to small and medium enterprises and multinational companies for short and long term lease.  CEO Suites now has a network of 18 business centers in the strategic business hubs of 9 key cities in 8 countries in Asia—Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipines, Singapore, China, Thailand, Korea, and Vietnam.


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