Soaring From Homeschooling Roots to College Wings

Homeschooling may not be for everyone, especially if parents don’t have the time. Parents do their children a great injustice when they embark on a homeschooling journey and leave them to fend for themselves with their studies. Please send your children back to school if you won’t devote time and effort for their education. Homeschoolidsc_1637ng is for parents who want to make sure their children are learning what matters most in life and enjoying the whole process for learnings that lasts. With that in mind, homeschooling parents make sure to spend a minimum of 4 hours time with their children as they struggle through books, patiently making sure the kids understand the lesson. Don’t homeschool if you can’t commit to the time and effort.

dsc_1656If you want to have more control over what your children are learning and want to minimize nasty influences of peer pressure, or you want to make sure that your limited financial resources go to the right efforts, then homeschooling may be the answer to your goals. The advantages of homeschooling are already covered in previous articles so I will point out some of the disadvantages: which is maximum patience, more effort in planning your lesson plans, sacrifice time and income opportunities. The top advantage for me is the precious bonding time which can strongly influence the child’s strength of character, as well as a deeper learning of the subjects that matter. Social skills is not something to worry about, as a matter of fact, homeschoolers have more chances to meet more people from various cultural background and ages. From observation, they can interact with more confidence and friendliness without being shamed by peers.

The re-integration to the work field or even back to traditional schooling may be a challenge because of the structure-driven environment that society lays out for everyone. The homeschoolers need to adapt to the structured setting which is described as “within the box”, after years of learning “out of the box”. Adapting to outer forces may not be such a struggle with constant exposure and explanation of how the system works. College days will be the first lengthy exposure and adapting period.
Before College days, parents must prepare for that period financially as well. Whether traditionally schooled or not, College financial preparation is a must for all. During the 6th annual Philippine Homeschool Conference(PHC) “From roots to wings”held at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Premier in Taguig City, Eric Nicdao, District Manager of Philam Life, explained that while there are distinct advantages to homeschooling, it is never without a challenge. “The cost of education for homeschooling a child is not inexpensive as others perceive it to be”, said Mr. Nicdao. He explained that this is because homeschooling entails the presence of one of the parents at home, greatly reducing the family’s overall income. With the increasing costs of college education, it will be very daunting to have only one breadwinner.
“It is wise and even necessary to invest in a plan with guaranteed education benefits even if school-going children are still quite young. Plans like this should have the potential to grow to cope adequately with annual tuition fee hikes,” shares Nicdao. “More to the point, a parent and a child should not have to guess what the future brings. There are too many uncertainties already and having something secure and reliable allows a family to focus on learning and academic excellence rather than trying to make sure that there is a school they can afford.”
To help address these concerns, Philam Life launched a new education product, Future Scholar. Future Scholar offers guaranteed education benefits and long term growth potential through access to expertly-managed funds. The plan will continue without the need to pay future payments should the payor pass away or suffer total and permanent disability.
It is to these concerns that Philam Life’s Future Scholar plan focuses with its guaranteed educational benefits and unique features available like making life insurance coverage for parents or premium adjustments in times of great need.
To learn more about Future Scholar, please visit

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