On-the-Go Moms Go To Chooks-To-Go For Dinner Take-Out

Busy moms always appreciate a little help from wherever she can get it, and food is a top priority especially with energetic children to come home to after a busy day. Chooks-to-Go, the country’s leading roasted chicken chain, offers oven-roasted chicken that’s ready to go.
sam_3462A recent “Moms On-the-Go” event treated guests to their savory chicken specialty as they introduced the company’s newest endorser, Vic Sotto. Funny man and host Michael Angelo Lobrin was there to provide the entertainment with a lighthearted chat and interview with the president of Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI) which operates Chooks-to-Go, Ronald Ricaforte Mascarinas. Micheal Angelo’s unique humor was a hit with the audience who laughed at his every punch line.
sam_3464The audience was eager to see Bossing Vic Sotto and enjoy his popular sense of humor as well. With Vic Sotto at the helm of their “Hindi Ka Nag-uuwi ng Basta-basta lang na Ulalm”, Chooks-to-Go reaches out to more moms and offers them a tasty and value-for-money rush or last-minute solution to their dinner worries.
BAVI is one of the country’s largest pountry integrators that provide clean, healthy, and affordable pountry products for moms with a busy life. Providing them with a practical, food to-go solution, Chooks-to-Go offers the best value for money take-home meal. The kids won’t resist the juicy chicken that’s masarap kahit walang sauce.


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