Flying High in Gratitude

20170106_114114There is so much to be thankful for, not just every year, but every single day. Simple selfless gestures by others for your benefit need to be acknowledged. As a consequence of doing so, you make the other person’s day a little brighter and they may pass on the positive vibes as well to others. Thank it forward. Two words that makes a big difference . . . perhaps even more than you know. You don’t know what the other person is going through in his or her life, maybe that short moment lightened his load a bit or at the very least, made him or her smile. Air Asia’s “Thank You” Campaign is a good reminder for all to count our blessings everyday instead of dwelling on negative moments. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. The happier we all would be when one utters and receives those two magical words . . . Thank You.

Who do I want to Thank this Holiday Season?

20170106_114333Thank you for a loving and merciful God above all. Thank you God for the angels that watch over the family. Thank you for the caring and supportive humans around me . . . on top of which is my mother. Without her, I would not be here today. Really!
So Mom . . . Thank You!

20170106_115223When I was a child, I liked drawing and sketching. You were proud that most of my artworks were displayed in the classroom bulletin board every time there was an art project. You took me to all the fun places as a child, mostly beaches because we loved it there. You helped me complete my obsession with Nancy Drew books so I can brag to my peers that I read them all. That’s when I started enjoying mysteries in books and movies. You allowed me to express myself, silly or not, without cringeing and develop my self-confidence.

When I became a teenager, I was on the lookout for my knight-in-shining armour who would sweep me off my feet with his Benz and take me to Paris. You knew I was a dreamer but you never wanted to break my heart. So you gave me the freedom to learn life lessons on my own. You also enrolled me in dance, tennis classes, computer schools to re-focus as I had to bear the monthly pains of teeth braces, which surely cost you20170106_100547 a lot. You made sure I had a great educational training even if it cost you to set  aside personal needs . You granted me most of my wishes, and endless supply of jewelry, except for that monopoly board and that toy cash register which I envied from a friend years back. It was difficult to find those items then, I understand. So out of a sense of closure, I found and bought them when I became an adult . . . except for the toy cash register which I still haven’t found.

20170106_103344When I became an adult, I was driven to start my own company, make lots of money and be famous. Then when I didn’t make my goals or life threw me a curved ball, you were my cheerleader and kept my head above depressing waters. Whenever I needed a ride, or had a problem with the traffic cop, you and dad rush to my side. Being an officer in the airforce did have its perks— a brotherhood among military members that civilians would not understan15935219_10154365333677956_1441926968_od. Being shallow then, I never appreciated why priniciples mattered over a chance to make more money. But as I grew older, it became my source of pride — to be the daughter of an honest, generous and principled gentleman.

When I became a mother, I wanted my kids to go to the top schools in the land and travel every year. But finances did not allow for such plans. And though we argued a lot and gave each other the silent treatment, you were still nearby to help me through alternative routes. Though I thought otherwise, I was never really in need. How I wish you would continue to be my safety net all through the future challenges. Knowing that I can run back to you when life gets rough is the reason I can still stand up strong despite major falls and setbacks.

I may not say this enough, but Thank You Mom!


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