Mental Fitness at Brain HQ

Fitness is the “it” word these days and for good reason. Productivity, happiness, longer quality life depends on it. Work outs and sports become part of the daily routine. But why focus only on the physical side of it, why not include a fitness program for the mind. Your brain is a muscle that needs a work out as well or it might deteriorate and result in memory loss, lack of focus or clarity of thought and communication diminished. Give your brain a daily work out as well to keep it sharp and alert as you get older.
Think faster, focus better, and remember more at Brain HQ. BrainHQ exercises are the only online cognitive training scientifically designed with proven effectiveness in over 100 peer-reviewed publications. It targets underfunctioning or disabled brain systems by physically remodelling the distorted brain. This is because neurons controlling atention and mood can become sluggish and overtime, begin to slowly die off.
Published studies show that brainHQ users showed significant improvement on processing speed and memory compared to the ones who do crossword puzzles. Large-scale medical trials of brainHQ exercises indicates these benefits: 131% faster processing speed, 10 years memory performance improvement, large improvements on independent and daily functioning, safe and sustained driving.
Quality of life improved in the following:
Balance and Coordination
Comprehension and reading skills
Control in life
Driving skills
Everyday cognition
Memory and Focus
Mood and Control
Physical Brain Damage
Reduce Medical Cost
Self Confidence
Vision and Hearing
Download the BrainHQ Application via App Store.


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