Lamprobe and Piel Treatments for Youthful Glow

As we continue life past our prime, we hit upon a period where we feel a sense of panic. A sense of dread as to what an ageing future will look like for us. Will we start to look ugly, encounter sickness and pain like the way our ageing parents experienced or are experiencing?
sam_3034Then we start to regress and try to relive our past glory days as our mortality has dawned upon us, that we are a step closer to death. Perhaps this could be referred to as the midlife crisis. We start to behave differently, unpredictably, perhaps even shamefully. The more subtle manifestation is the constant search on how to maintain or revive our youthful looks.
sam_2750This desperation will lead us to believe any potion or pill that promises this solution. For those with more cash to burn, cosmetic surgery seems to be the answer. With all the botched surgeries and the resulting monstrous looks, why would people take the risk time and again. Because that need, no matter how desperate, is to be connected to happiness.
We all know that we will age one day, but when that day comes we wont’t accept it calmly. Our denial will lead us to do things we didn’t expect we would actually do. The fading of our once attractive physical looks is enough to depress us especially with a partner looking around and admiring younger, more attractive male and females. The threat of loneliness has now reared its ugly head. But wait, before you start to cut yourself up on the operating table there are other less extreme options. Try the non-invasive procedures first if you feel you have to do something about your looks.

Pat Lam, a Board Certified Anti-Aging Health Practitioner (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) visited the Philippines recently and shared her thoughts and learnings about ageing. She requests all to give the non-invasive procedure a chance before going through the knife. As an international educator, she has lectured at national and international Cidesco congresses throughout the world. Together with her husband, Hubert Lam, they established one of the first Cidesco schools in Canada, the internationally known Lam School of Advanced Esthetics. As an international Cidesco Examiner, a Cidesco Gold Medal Winner, she has authored numerous articles for trade magazines in North America. With a background in fitness aerobic, yoga, and Personal trainer, she has used her passion for lealth and wellness to develop educational tools , nutrition books and DVDs to enhance the education of health and beauty professionals throughout the world. Pat is the CEO of Skin Care Consultants, President of Cidesco Canada, and together with her late husband, Hubert Lam, were both honored with the Crystal Legends Award in 2011.

She came to introduce a new machine called Lamprobe, for La Manille, School of Esthetics and Wellness, which removes scars flawlessly in seconds. It effectively treats a wide variety of common minor skin conditions with minimum client discomfort. No anesthesia required. With immediate results, the machine treats minor skin irregularities which includes wrinkles, varicose veins, and other ageing skin maladies. Some of which includes skin tag, cherry angioma, cholesterol depposits, sebaceous hyper plasia, millas, fibromas.


This is the less drastic option . . . but if you can live without it, just go for a facial treatment at Piel in Alphaland, Makati. Eat right and Exercise too. If you love yourself more. a beautiful confident smile is all that you need.


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