Swan Lake, The Ballet, The Audience

16904607_10154504477952956_5850085579999098824_oIt was a Full House at the Opening of Ballet Philippines’ Swan Lake last February 24 with an appreciative audience.  The mesmerizing performances of the lead dancers and the group movements were visual treats that have to be experienced first hand.  You have to be there to really enjoy what a ballet performance has to offer.

with lead dancer Jemima Reyes

Initially, you would think that people who watch ballet performances are ballet dancers themselves or those who dreamed of being ballet dancers but never pursued that path.  Or you would think majority of the audience would be females.  Not at all.  Ballets attract the gentlemen and ladies alike because of the grace and fluidity of a performance that tells of a story, whether sad or happy.

Those who are familiar with the story of Swan Lake know it ends tragically, but nevertheless people enjoy watching the show over and over again with different dancers executing the choreography in their own way.  Why would one keep coming back to watch an old time classic which is Swan Lake when its tale is as old as time and almost everyone knows how it ends?  The Ballet, like theater, is not about the story alone, but also about the execution of the story through dance or dialogue by the different dancers and thespians.  Sure, people can understand theater more, but why ballet.  I have asked myself that question every time I attend a ballet event.  But after watching each show, I realize it is the magic of being physically there and witnessing the drama of dance and the emotions delivered by the dancers that create that wonderful experience.

swan-lake-poster-medresAnd dressing up for a ballet performance is part of the experience.  So wear your evening or cocktail outfits when you watch a ballet, theater, or a philharmonic orchestra performance.

With that said, enjoy next week’s ballet performance of “Swan Lake” by CCP’s Ballet Philippines and dress up to the nines. Last performance will be on March 5, 2017.  Choose your schedule which presents different lead dancers for certain days. (See poster on the left for lead dancers’ schedules)


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