Cool Off this Summer with a New, Environment-Friendly Daikin Cooling King

sam_4713On top of how important air conditioning is with our hot, tropical weather, especially for the hot summer ahead, Daikin offers more than just cool air.sam_4673
Lower sound level and cost efficiency is what Daikin is proud to announce with their brand new series of air conditioning products. The Cooling King is a brand new series of residential split air conditioner by Daikin with stronger cooling capacity and better energy efficiency. The new series features two new line ups, namely Standard and Premium. Boasting a 4-star Energy Efficiency Rate for the Premium, Daikin’s Cooling King can help you achieve the comfort you want with less power. Can your current brands affirm the folsam_4677lowing questions: Can you enjoy the coolness right after you turn on the air conditioner? Ca
n you cool every corner of your house with even air flow and lower sound level? Can you save better on your electricity bill with your air conditioners? If the answers are not all “yes”, then it’s time to get a Daikin.
Beneath all that prestige in being a major player in the industy, Daikin is also an environment-conscious company that looks into all possibilities in protecting sam_4696and preserving the environment while conceptualizing new ways to improve their products. Their new products are equiped with the eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant repl
acing the currently available old R-22 in the market. With its lower sound level almost as low as 23dBA, the sound of rustling leave, these airconditioners are the better investment options . . . for the environment as well.
In compliance with the Montreal Protocol, the Philippines has vowed to phase-out refrigerants with ozone depleting potential, such as the R-22. In accordance with the directiosam_4691ns, Daikin Philippines has made the the decision to phase out all R22 products within fiscal year 2017, 3 years ahead of Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ targeted year of 2020. Being ahead in research and development, DPH is replacing all of its products with environmental-friendly refrigerants with no ozone depleting potential.
sam_4680Keeping its promise to Mother Nature, Daikin has always been one step ahead in producing high quality and environment-friendly products. Back in 2014, Daikin introduced the Urusara 7 to the world, it is the first product using R-32 refrigerant to the market. R-32 is a revolutionary refrigerant superior in both environmental effects and cooling performance compared to both R-22 and R-410A.
sam_4679The Home Central Air Conditioning System
Going beyond the limits of airconditioning, Daikin reinvents its highly successful commercial VRV system to define once again what comfort is in residential market. The Home Central Air Conditioning (HCAC) System, with its new revolutionary technology, is a unified system which incorporates temperature, moisture, and air flow control, giving you the most comfortable cooling according to the unique requirement of each type of room in your home.



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