Digital Summer Fun with Galileo and Power Mac Center

17103412_10154545693532956_5289552394677191734_nHave fun with digital production and games this summer.  The best of both worlds collide as Galileo Enrichment and Power Mac Center join forces to provide kids ages 9 to 14 years old with knowledge and training that will open their eyes and develop their imagination with Match and English integrated in the digital world. Applying the basics of Math and English with everyday activities will strengthen the learning process especially wih the very present and exciting digital  world.

This summer, Power Mac Center, the leading Apple Educational, Training, and Service Center, shares its world with Galileo Enrichment students by providing the tech skills. Programs include: Robotics Programming, Animation, Stop Motion Video, Digital Drawing, and Game Creation.

At the end of the program, students will receive a Certificate of Attendance and a USB flashdrive containing individual products created by them.

For more information about Galileo Summer Programs, you can call them at 8451234 or email at

For those who want to pursue their tech skills further, you can also enroll in Power Mac Center’s Summer Workshop 2o17 from April 17 to May 25. You may get in touch with them at 5534211, 5536399, 09088856277 or email at


Below are the schedules of courses to choose from:

a. Galileo DSC - Flyer 1b. Galileo DSC - Flyer 2Class Offerings_Sept 2016unnamed (1)


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