Two Intensive Film Workshops at Cinemalaya Institute

Sophia WellingtonPress Announcement:

COURSES in feature-length screenplay writing and basic filmmaking will be offered at the Cinemalaya Institute from May 22 to June 30, 2017.  Applications are now being accepted.

Sophia Wellington will teach Writing the Feature-Length Screenplay.  Designed for students with scriptwriting experience and with outlines or drafts of existing screenplays, the course will take students throughthe process of refining a feature idea, creating strong characters, developing a story arc, writing a step outline and a draft of the screenplay.  They will study plotting, visual storytelling, scene writing and dialogue as they meet the challenge of a robust outline.  At the end of the course, students will have a step outline and scenes to enable them to complete a draft of their feature screenplay.  Course instructor Sophia Wellington has taught screenwriting at many film schools including the London Film School and London Film Academy.  Wellington is an expert in script development.

Carlos Siguion-ReynaCarlos Siguion-Reyna will teach Basic Filmmaking: The Silent Film. A six-week course in directing, this course enables students to apply the basics of film language in film exercises and achieve a basic mastery of the classic conventions and tools of the film directors. Towards the end of the course, each student will direct his keystone project: a seven-minute silent digital film. The purpose of the course is to challenge the student to find his/her own cinematic voice within the basic, commonly understood language of narrative film. The seven-minute keystone project shall be a narrative film, not an experimental film, not a “mood piece” or a “tone poem.” The project shall be shot on exterior locations and shall use sound effects but not music. Viewing of clips by master directors, basic reading, and classroom discussions will provide a framework for the heart of the course, which is film production. The approach is similar to that of a Fine Arts laboratory. While it aims for a basic mastery of the classic conventions and tools of the film director, it is also expected that students explore, with genuine artistic seriousness, the personal and formal variations that lead to discovery of one’s own style. Siguion-Reyna is an award winning film/theater director.

The Cinemalaya Institute is the training arm of the Cinemalaya Foundation. Through the Cinemalaya Institute, the Cinemalaya Foundation focuses its efforts on providing education, training and accreditation of practitioners in key aspects of film production.

For inquiries, please call CCP Media Arts Division at tel. no. 832-1125 local 1705.


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