“Game of Drones”, New Addition to Circulo Verde’s Active Lifestyle Challenge

SAM_5483Most events, dates, get-together among friends, and family bonding activities revolve around eating. But maybe there should also be a physical component to balance off what you have consumed. Not always just taking in and taking in. If so, that would be a perfect date, family, or barkada activity for me when there is some physical activity in the mix. But where and what to schedule on that ideal date? I found the answer at Circulo Verde. The venue houses a Bike Playground, as well as restaurants and bars ro chill after a fun biking work out. How cool is that? So you can spend the day having fun biking with friends and family, then use their shower facilities before going heading nearby  for cocktails or dinner with family or your date.SAM_5477

But there is more beyond biking and dining at Circulo Verde, now you can also indulge in your drone-flying hobby. Welcome to the newest venue for Game of Drones, where drone professionals, hobbyist and amateurs have the whole day to race and learn a few tricks using the remote-controlled aircrafts.
18927107_10154798303707956_1536929846_oCirculo Verde, Ortigas & Co.’s 10-hectare master planned mixed use community in Quezon City was set aglow with the spectacular sight of drones flipping in the air. After dusk, the place was ablaze with lights coming from the lit tracks where the quadcopters coursed through. Game of Drones 1st Flight, which happened May 27, 2017, was open to two drone categories: the Spec Class or beginners for pilots using a quadcopter with 35 LiPo and 5″ diameter props; and Open Class or Advance for pilots with quadcopters that weighed a maximum of 50 lbs. The Game Arena was divided into several areas with different races for drone controllers, namely Time Trial, Drone Spirit, Rotocross, and Drone Photography.
Game of Drones was not exclusively for drone enthusiasts. The country’s biggest drone spectacle also enticed families and friends with raffles, food, bazaar and other activities for that one-day event.
SAM_5487During an interview with Architect Renee Bacani, VP of Ortigas & Co, she mentioned that Ninja Academy might be in the pipeline as well as other specialized sporting activities. She explains that it’s all about supporting an active and healthy lifestyle. With the greeneries and private “island” set up, Circulo Verde would also be a scenic residence and hang out venue. More on her interview below.
SAM_5534Winners of Game of Drones:
Rotocross: 2nd runner up: Dennis Clinatos, 1st runner up: Jerico Taleon, Champion: Marc Cometa
Team Time Trial: 2nd runner up: Team Kipkit, 1st runner up: Team Black Goat, Champion: Team Air Force Juan
Fastest Lap: Gabe Villaver (0:32.90)


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