World Vision and Makansutra Take a Step in the Right Direction

SAM_5420Who’s watching over the children? Who is fighting for their rights? The helpless, trusting, impressionable abandoned or neglected children can grow up to be productive citizens  . . . or problems of society. It depends on who inspires or influences them. They are helpless, trusting, and loyal to whoever feeds them and takes advantage of them. They are vulnerable and can be scarred for life unless someone who truly cares can save them.

World Vision has focused on this vulnerable sector of society who still have a chance to turn around, despite negative circumstances, to be model citizens and possibly future leaders. But they need help, partners and collaborators, who can make this goal a reality.
18673273_10154764214917956_4496596805221714438_oA few months back, Makansutra management in SM Megamall, decided to help out by offering a treat for customers with a “Buy 1 Take 1” offer for lunch. This was their simple way of helping World Vision get some attention for their cause. Since it was just a one day, lunch affair, it may not have made as much noise they hoped for, so perhaps writing about the experience on my part may help the event and cause a little further.
SAM_5425How can we look away when child beggars are walking on hot pavements without anything on their feet? Or toddlers sleeping on or under filthy foot bridges. It’s not the children’s fault for their situation. They need help but passers-by are too busy with their lives and rush schedule to care. Most of us opt to look the other way because it is the easier choice, no commitments and no drama. So who can help them? World Vision started the ball rolling so perhaps we can support their activities at the very least.
18622204_10154763961297956_110253828977857839_nWorld Vision is a Christian development, advocacy and relief organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by addressing the causes of poverty and injustice. Founded in 1957, World Vision in the Philippines is a nationally-respected organization that has a proven track record of child-focused community development program. It is duly registered as World Vision Development Foundation, Inc. with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines.
SAM_5435Their goal is to create impact for the well-being of 3 million vulnerable children in rural and urban areas by year 2020.


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