Call To Rescue . . . One Child at a Time

SAM_5703Called to Rescue LogoOverwhelming, appalling, tragic . . . are just some of the words that come close to what I feel about this issue of child trafficking.  How could this happen and continue to progress under our very noses . . . right in our own neighborhood?  We must be doubly-vigilant in reporting these cases, even  if we suspect just a smidgen of a possibility that this could be happening right infront of us.   We just have to, no other choice, we can’t look the other way especially knowing that there are trusting, innocent, helpless children about to be taken advantage of.  This has to be a community effort to make a difference, even if it is just one child at a time.  We must never give up even if our efforts seem to be futile.  Together we must work against these monsters.  Maybe when it seems like we are going nowhere, we may have saved three or more from becoming prey or victims just by spreading the word or causing a commotion about it.  We simply must . . . we are all called to rescue.  

19983559_10154923232152956_5410601827224226431_oIn a gathering held recently at Boutique Burger Kitchen,  officers of the NGO group CALLED TO RESCUE gave a talk and shared what is going on with human trafficking under the radar. In attendance was founder Dr. Cyndi Romine, and Officer-In-Charge, Anthony Pangilinan.  It was heartbreaking to hear that the problem is thriving in the country with prosecution of suspects almost impossible.  It’s happening and it feels like no one is doing  or can do something to stop it.

SAM_5715Despite the problem’s overwhelming reality,  we must not give up. Anthony asks that everyone spread the word and be vigilant especially with their own children and in their own neighborhood. Strictly monitor their children’s use of the internet and social media.

He explains that we can start with an educational awareness campaign where everyone can help by spreading the word.  He further explained why the Philippines was the perfect place for human trafficking: our friendly and trusting culture, our country’s difficult-to-get-to geography, and a justice system that is too laxed.

20017424_10154923239827956_4677268246760525862_oDr. Cyndi and her daughter demonstrated some ways to escape from kidnappers by shouting loudly, hitting the right areas for a chance to escape, and maneuvering out of a stronghold to buy some time.  She also insist that we clamor for stronger government prosecution, and create stricter laws to prevent further progress on this matter.

Read on and learn more . . .

19723980_10154942302157956_993962782_oLosing someone you love is a terrifying situation that no one would ever want to experience. This is the sad reality our society is facing today as every one minute, a child or a woman, becomes a victim of human trafficking.  That’s 500,000 head counts in 2016 alone.

Human trafficking is a serious problem in the country and will remain one unless everyone is called to rescue these children.

19983813_10154923216332956_1051749538680798774_oTake action with Called to Rescue, a non-profit, worldwide organization dedicated to the rescuing of minor children from sex trafficking, violence, and abuse. Founded in 1988 by Dr. Cyndi Romine, who is one of the leading authorities in the fight against children injustices, Called to Rescue is dedicated towards combating child trafficking in three ways: prevention through education and training of youth of all ages and their parents, dedication to the child until he/she has experienced healing, and continuation in every aspect of child trafficking awareness. Called to Rescue Philippines was officially registered as a non-governmental organization (NGO) in 2009, with Mr. Anthony Pangilinan as its Officer-in-Charge.

19983712_10154923235417956_1677256678539514471_oChild trafficking cannot be tackled alone. That is why it is only through collaborative partnerships with individuals and organizations can this inhumane crime be stopped. Several advocates and social media supporters have recently gathered for an immersion program so that they can also inform and educate their network about the situation and how each one can help. The activity was organized by Called to Rescue supporters Stephanie Henares, communications agency ComCo Southeast Asia and Boutique Burger Kitchen (BBK), a family-oriented diner from Chef Carlo Miguel of Draft Gastropub that serves retro-style gourmet American burgers in the Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City.  

Defend the defe


nseless; save the children from being exploited for the gain of traffickers. A child lost to trafficking is the lost child of a devastated and helpless parent. Don’t let that happen to anyone else.

Report trafficking, abuse, and cases of missing children with the Called to Rescue’s local hotline at 0917-541-0287 or visit their Facebook page or website at


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