Kanser 2017 Spreads Student Appreciation of Rizal’s Novels

A lot of former students of the older generation would probably have had higher grades in Filipino and appreciated their classes more if they had a chance to watch Kanser 2017. The play about Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere” was light and simple to understand, with some comedy spiels to lighten the mood and simplified stage props to keep the story clear of distractions.


Reading a deep Filipino novel is not so easy to comprehend and thus enjoy, especially if it was a forced reading requirement. Students resisted, became negative and regarded it to be pure torture to study Rizal’s novels. They hoped that they could just breeze through “Noli Me Tangere” Filipino class by being extra nice to the professor.

Paul Jake Paule as Elias

A chat with the cast after their performance last September 2 was as refreshing and entertaining as the play itself as they candidly discussed their views on their roles as well as student audience reaction and behavior in the theater.
A compilation of videos below includes interviews with Shasha Rivera who plays Sisa, Dea Chua who plays Maria Clara, Joel Molina who plays Ibarra, Francis Mattheu who plays Padre Damaso, and Aldrin Angeles who plays Padre Salvi.

Spotted in the audience, Direk Vince Tanada

As a final note, it is a must for students to be educated on theater etiquette as rude behavior distracts the performers who simply want to give their best. RULE NO. 1: DO NOT MAKE NOISE . . . this is directed to students and those that grew to be adults who lack basic manners and are not aware of proper breeding. Educate yourself please. Next, You MUST Turn off or mute your phones as this is connected to RULE NO. 1. No eating in the theater. No surfing or texting as light from the mobile phones are easily seen by the performers especially in a dark theater. Be considerate, be respectful.

For those who know how to behave in a theater, you are very welcome to enter and enjoy Kanser 2017 at the folowing dates and venues:
Sept. 15, 11am and 2pm, at SM Southmall Cinema3Sept. 29 – 30, 9am,12pm and 3pm, at the AFP Theater, Camp Aguinaldo
Oct. 8, 9am,12pm and 3pm, at SM Manila, Cinema 9
Oct. 13, 11 am and 2pm, at SM Southmall Cinema3


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