Showtime Nears for Grand Production of “Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag”

SAM_6330Rehearsals are on full throttle as opening day approaches for “Maynila Sa Kuko ng Liwanag”.  Direk Joel Lamangan refines the show’s movements, blocking, sounds, and visuals and makes sure that they are all  in sync.  The music and voices are the show’s strength complemented by the choreography and acting.

Lead star Arman Ferrer is so natural in his performance and his vocal talent is clearly a stand out.  Aicelle Santos, who plays Perla, and Sheila Martinez, who plays Ligaya, are both stand out singers as well.  The choreography by Douglas Nierras delivers the visual appeal and amplifies the emotions of the play.

The music of Von De Guzman is clearly loved by the cast as they perform with so much emotions and enthusiasm.  Every song performed is pure joy to hear with an appealing harmony combined with the exciting build up of voices in the chorus towards the end. As the music builds up in every song, the audience can feel the energy and emotions expelled. The experience of watching the rehearsals lead one to imagine the grand spectacle of what lays ahead as costumes and set design are still to be presented.

With all the talents combined for this show, both on stage and behind the stage, I expect no less than a grand experience watching the play end September.

Show opens on September 30 at Kia Theater, Cubao.  For ticket inquiries, contact Ms. Bards Lapid at 09178466704, landlines at 897 7142, 890 0853 or Ticketnet at 9115555


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