About JR Bustamante

Mother of 3. Freelance Writer. Blogger. Photographer. Artist. Nature-lover of beaches, sunsets,  sunrise,  and starry nights.

As a professional writer for more than 10 years, JR Bustamante has accomplished a diverse range of writing formats that include brochures, newsletters, audio-visual presentations as well as print, TV, and radio ads for a wide range of companies, including a cosmetic retail chain in the UAE. She began as a copywriter for advertising agencies such as Hemisphere-Leo Burnett, Pacificads and Taipan, and has also worked as a PR assoc. consultant for Zorrilla & Partners PR agency.

As a contributing writer for newspapers and magazines, her articles were published in Philippine Daily Inquirer (People at Work / HR Focus) Enterprise Magazine, Med Observer, Pilipinas 2.0 (US circulation), AsianTraveller, Illustrado (UAE circulation).

Presently, she maintains five blogs: jrbustamante.blogspot.com “Rainbows and Roses”, jrbustamante.wordpress.com “Mom’s the Word”,  sunrise2sunsetawesomeness.blogspot.com,  missiongreenpossible.wordpress.com, and justgirltech.wordpress.com.


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